During my early days of childhood, I misunderstood that meditation is just chanting OM in the lotus position at the banyan tree. What to say about this great mistake, that many people think the same way like this. But now in the presence of the master, I realized that meditation is more than that.

Meditation is the process of silencing the inner and outer self which can be done at any place and at any time, however, I want to talk here about the commonplace of every man; that is home.

meditation at home tips

Home is such a beautiful space where there is no bondage upon a person. Below are some helpful meditation at home tips.
  • First of all, to perform the meditation at home, you must find a place which is peaceful and noiseless at home. It can be your garden or your worship place. If your home is shared by cute but noisy creatures called children, even then you can do find the solace of quietness. You can buy the earplugs for meditation, which are specially designed for the blockage of any external sound. They are easily available on your local medical stores or Online E-Commerce Site. You can also achieve silence by choosing an appropriate timing. Normally the wisest timings are the morning or at midnight because it is the only time when outside noise is lesser than other time.
  • The second thing you have to choose is the posture in which you have to sit for meditation. The wise old one suggests that Padmasana or Lotus position of yoga is the most suitable position for meditation because it helps to straighten the spine and helps to concentrate. But I suggest even Shavasana (Corpse Posture) or Normal Lap fold posture is even better for meditation. You can just use corpse posture at midnight before sleeping for meditation. You just have to take breathe in and out and focus out everything which is happening outside. Hence you can achieve meditation with just simple sleeping like position. Remember that posture is not needed for meditation, only the control of breath is needed.
  • The third thing is Task before meditation, Always Perform meditation on a mattress made of cloth or a wooden plank. This will help you to cut off from the ground which will not let your energy to channelize into the earth. Also, you must perform meditation, without eating something. The reason behind this is that if a practitioner is performing with a full belly, then he can face problems like vomiting or stomach disturbances. However, there are some yoga postures which can be performed even after taking meal like Vajrasana(Diamond posture) or Shavasana(corpse posture) etc.
  • The fourth step is to focus on the inhaling and exhaling of the air. Just forget about all the things in your life for only 1 minute. Just inhale and exhale the air. Let all the worries, argument and questions got dissolved and only the voice of breathing can be heard by you.
  • Perform this for 1 minute first. You will think that I can easily do it, just I have to focus on inhaling and exhaling but that’s the toughest task. You will find it difficult to focus on breathing because there is so many drawing on your mind’s canvas even during the breathing process. If you can focus on your breathing only for 1 minute or more, than congratulations the whole meditation process is working for you. If you are facing difficulty in focusing then you can try counting the breathing technique. Just count 1 and onwards whenever breathe goes in or out. It will help you building focus and increasing meditative stamina.
Peace comes from the inside of you; don’t try to seek it out.
                                                                                                   - Gautama Buddha