Today is the 21st century. An era of growth in every aspect you can count, an era of development you can’t even think about. But in this era of a minute changing the picture, mankind needs to get ahead of the rat race which demands an increase in effort. And simultaneously which also increase stress and tension in everyday life. Stress alone is so fatal to the body that it causes many diseases like hypertension, migraine, hair loss, low blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss and many more to originate in the body. Today from high school student to a professional working in an MNC is equally victim of this mental illness.

According to some surveys and reports, approximate 60% of Female and rest of Male half had admitted of having strain during their daily routine. This report also shows that the age group of 15-30 have more count of stress level than other age groups.

4 meditation techniques for stress relief

There are many ways to release the stress level down; meditation is one of them, easy and handy.

Below are some stress relief meditation techniques which you can use, all of them are for one purpose; to block the ever running thoughts by the mischievous mind of ours. You can use any of them, but I prefer that you only try one of them, and try to focus only on that particular one. In the end, you will find that only that one has made you achieve that goal and eventually reduce your strain level.
  • First of all, we talk about the popular method used everywhere. For this technique, you will need a space to sit. Try to sit on the floor with a mattress. Then calmly close your eyes and breathe normally. Just relax and focus on your breathing. When you inhale or exhale air, then count it. Hence all your body and mind got focused and your thoughts will get diminished.
  • Vipshyana : Vipshayana is the oldest and simplest meditation technique discovered by Gautama Buddha himself. Sometimes it is considered as a medicine for the mind which is too wild in its manner. For vipshayana, you don’t need to sit down or attain a particular posture or have to close your eyes. Wherever or whenever you want to practise vipshayana, just focus on the breath. Count your exhaling or inhaling, and watch calmly everything which is happening outside. If your mind takes interest in these sights, then let him be but you let yourself aside of what your mind does.
  • Mantra Meditation : Mantra meditation or Chanting meditation is the oldest prayer meditation technique which you can use if your mind is too undisciplined. In this meditation, practitioner chant a word( often a holy word like Om), with the exhaling or inhaling. This can also perform with any time prayer chant you can. Just you have to focus on the mantra and just exhale and inhale air in the meantime.
  • You can also practise movement meditation in which you have to move or practise postures with your body while having a steady and calm breath. This type of meditation is practised in the tradition of Yoga and Taichi.