Most Yoga exercises and practices are done without the need of any accessories or equipment’s, unlike gym exercises. But some of the yoga exercises need the help of accessories, one of which is a Yoga bolster. Yoga bolster is popular equipment which can be used to perform Yoga in many ways.

Basically, bolsters are cushions which are rectangular or cylindrical in shape and are often stuffed with a thick batting of cotton. Many Yoga bolsters come with washable covers which provide longevity to them.

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Uses of yoga bolsters:

There are many uses and benefits of Yoga bolsters and the major ones are given below:
  • Yoga bolsters make up for the physical limitations and help us to achieve certain Yoga postures which cannot be achieved on our own.
  • Yoga bolsters help us to extend our body’s stretch and the cushions lend a certain level of comfort to those who have some injuries
  • Yoga bolster are very helpful for those women who are involved in prenatal yoga as it provides a support for the lower back area.

Yoga poses using bolster:

The following are some of the yoga poses in which a Yoga bolster can be used:
  • One of the pose in which Yoga bolster can be used is the cross legged meditative position. In this posture, the bolster helps to raise the hips while sitting down.
  • Another pose which makes use of yoga bolster is the corpse pose. In this position, the bolster can be used in between the legs as it makes one more comfortable.
  • Even in child’s pose, bolster proves very supportive as without it, one may not be able to get the hips to touch the feet.
  • Some people also use a yoga bolster in an upright position to support their head during the pose of the downward dog.

How to make a yoga bolster:

A lot of people prefer making their own Yoga bolsters at home rather than purchasing the ones available in the market. Yoga bolsters can easily be made at home and don’t even take a lot of time to be stitched. If you too wish to make yoga bolster at home then all you need is a nylon cord, thick fabric, a needle, foam and polyester thread.

Yoga bolsters can either be made using a sewing machine or by doing some basic stitching. So if you think you can manage doing some stitching, then you too can try making one at home.