In order to understand how to raise your chakra with Kundalini yoga, you must first understand what a chakra is. Chakra translates literally to mean a wheel or disc. Many say this stands for an ever spinning force of life force energy. The ancient teaching on the subject of chakra says that each person has seven chakra centers. These chakra centers are located along the human spine. They are not visible on any form of diagnostic tool such as an X-ray or MRI but have been understood in the Far East for thousands of years. These chakra centers are thought to control bodily functions based on their location up and down the spine. They work as filters to remove bad or unsafe energy, and to force good energy through to the parts that need it.

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What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is the practice of using breathing and poses to awaken the creative energy of the Chakra. These Kundalini yoga poses are meant to direct the movement of the body in a way that pulls this energy out. As the Kundalini yoga poses move different areas of the spine people may experience different things. Many people believe Kundalini yoga is dangerous and not safe ecspecially for a beginning yoga student. The reason for this belief is because Kundalini yoga can bring forward emotions and past memories that many are not aware of. However, if Kundalini yoga is practiced under the supervision of a professional instructor, there should be no problem.

Purpose of Kundalini Yoga

Experts state that the purpose of Kundalini yoga is to work through the Chakra centers and help the person work through those negative items stored within. The movements and poses of Kundalini yoga are put together in way to remove these items or bring them to the forefront. However this Kundalini yoga process should be slow and allow for processing of these negatives items and not just lead to repression once again. They should be faced in a manner than allows the participant to deal with each negative item and put it behind them.

According to Yogi Bhajan, a famous Kundalini yoga instructor, the purpose of this process is to bring forth one's true being or self. A confident and independent being who understands self worth and doesn't look for validation in others. He believed one cannot truly be whole until they have faced all of their negative energy and cast it out of their body. Until then everyone is doomed to walk around with the baggage of self doubt.

One technique of Kundalini yoga is to complete a forty day awakening period. During this time you will go through they process of awakening your mind and body. A period of forty days is used in many religious texts. This is believed to be a period long enough to break any unhealthy thought patterns or habits. In order to become a healthier, happier participant you must put aside the old ways of thinking and embrace a positive energy pattern.