Power yoga is fast becoming the newest rage in the yoga industry. It is a broad term used in the United States to describe a fitness-based, intense approach to Vinyasa yoga. Most of the power yoga today is modeled in the Ashtanga type of yoga. With the emphasis on health and fitness growing since the 1990's, many people now enjoy a fast paced or difficult routine.

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Power yoga combines a wide variety of strength and flexibility exercises. Therefore, many power yoga classes are different in the types of flexibility exercises they use, and you may not know what the class is like until your first visit. Some offer a fast paced workout environment while other focus more on strength building exercises.

Where did power yoga originate?

Power yoga came to the United States in the 1990's when two yoga teachers were trying to make Ashtanga yoga more popular with the Western yoga students. Unlike regular Ashtanga yoga, the power yoga does not follow a set pattern of strength and flexibility exercises. This new style of yoga brought about a fitness wave that made people see how yoga could be a way to work out. It literally brought the yoga programs into many of the gyms in the United States.

Who created power poga?

Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest were to two teachers responsible for the invention of of power yoga and their popular flexibility exercises. Both of these teachers were once students of Sri K. Pattabhi Joise, who was an Ashtanga master. Power yoga differed from mainstream yoga at the time by bringing a greater intensity to the yoga programs. Flexibility exercises that once involved gentle stretching and meditation were now an intense, flowing style.

Most power yoga strength and flexibility exercises are geared towards people who are already rather fit and enjoy exercising. Many of the power yoga poses are geared towards flexibility. Exercises that involve strength and conditioning are also very common. There is often a large presence of cardiovascular exercises as well as those for flexibility. Exercises that are somewhat different may be looked upon rather strangely by the mainstream yoga student.

Can beginners do power yoga?

Power yoga is not for everyone. Those who are comfortable with their current yoga strength and flexibility exercises and do not desire anything further should probably stay with their current center. Power yoga is very intense and can be quite exhaustive, however, if you are able to complete the workouts, you will see results very quickly, including in your strength and flexibility.

What type of yoga is power yoga?

Exercises that involve hand weights or other types of equipment are also used. Many people feel this type of yoga is too far away the traditional yoga and its practices. Take the time to speak with the power yoga instructors and students to see if this is the right style for you. Many people who doubt the validity of the course often find themselves loving the fresh new style. With the many variations available, many people find these new age classes offer a better option for those who prefer to stay in constant motion.