Yoga supplies can be found almost anywhere nowadays, and in every styles, color, and shape imaginable. For many, the yoga mat is synonymous with relaxation and harmony. There are other yoga supplies, such as a yoga bag, however, that can be just as important as a yoga mat.

The yoga mat is usually made of cotton, microfiber, rubber, or latex. They are often called sticky mats, because yoga is normally requires the participant to be barefoot. Many are now made from recycled materials and are eco friendly. A yoga mat can be found in various thicknesses and sizes. A travel yoga mat is often thinner than a regular mat you would use at home. The thickness can vary from between 3.2 and 6.3 mm and is usually around 68 inches long. You can also find a yoga mat that is up to 74 inches long. This may seem unusually long, but a good yoga bag can accommodate this size of mat.

What yoga mat should i buy ?
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What to look for in a Yoga Mat

There are three things you should consider before purchasing a yoga mat. First of all, consider the comfort level you desire. A thicker yoga mat may cost a little more, but can be worth it for the serious yoga enthusiast. If you are taller than most, you will want one of the longer mats. Next consider what type of material you want your yoga mat to be made from. If you are allergic to latex, obviously this would not be the mat for you. Finally, think about how easy it will be to clean the yoga mat. If you are involved in hot yoga, you may want to consider a mat you can through in the washing machine. There are also several companies that sell specially formulated cleaners for yoga mats that include a disinfectant.

Cost of a Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat can cost upwards of 70 dollars, but some of the large retail stores, such as Target or Wal-mart, carry mats for about 20 dollars. These mats may wear out a little fast than one of the more expensive mats, and may be more difficult to clean. If you are very involved with yoga, it is probably better to purchase a more expensive yoga mat.

Miscellaneous Yoga Accessories

Along with your mat, you will also need a good yoga bag. This is a very important accessory and your yoga bag needs to be large enough to hold your yoga mat, a towel, and even your yoga wear. A good yoga bag is designed to be worn over the shoulder and should be able to handle any thickness of mat you have. A yoga bag can be made of out cotton, nylon, or other synthetic materials, however, there are now a wide range of yoga bags available that are made recycled materials, also. If you are considering Bikram yoga, you need to consider a yoga bag that will allow air to circulate, so your mat and other accessories, if damp, can begin to dry.

A decent yoga bag will cost between 20 and 40 dollars, but some can be upwards of 100 dollars. You can also find a yoga bag with a small zippered pocket to hold your keys, phone, and other personal items. Any color is now available in a yoga bag, as well as just about any design. It will all come down to your personal preference.