Do you have a dog? And you love him/ her a lot? Can’t spend time without him/ her? So much so that you want him/ her to go to your yoga classes with you? Well now you have a way you can actually practice yoga with your dog. There has been an increase in the trend of people taking their dogs for yoga and the concept is being called “Doga” for most parts. Nothing better for yoga lovers, is there?

The 3 yoga poses you can do with your dog
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These doga practices help you learn and implement the incorporation of your dog into your yoga routine. The poses, stretches and chanting etc. that come under ‘doga’ help you create a better bond with your dog while giving the both of you a health benefit. It is a mutually beneficial process, one where the owner gets his/ her exercises done and the pets get all the attention in the world which they love. So begin with any of the below listed poses, to start yoga with your dog:

1. The Super Dog Pose

In this pose you have to kneel and sit in squat position, balancing body weight on your toes. Make your dog face away from you and help him slowly stand on his hind legs. In helping him stand, you must support his weight under his front armpits. The squat position helps your lower body region, while the pose helps stretch your dog’s abdominal muscles, front legs and also strengthens the dogs back leg joints.

2. The Forward Bend Pose

Begin by standing straight with both legs joint. From your mid body, roll and bend forward like you are hanging from your waist. Let your hands and head lay low. Now Scoop your dog onto your bend, so as to add a little weight to your bend. Doing this will increase the stretch the pose give you and the process may also help the dog stretch a few limbs of his/ her own.

3. The Mountain Pose

Mountain pose begins with you standing straight with spine erect, weight balanced properly on both feet. Your dog can be involved in this pose by you holding your dog in your arms next to your mid riff or chest region. You can also extend your hand up high while holding your dog to add a little variation. This is a very good pose to gain agility, strength of balance and develop a bond with your dog.