Mountain Pose or Tadasana is one of the yoga postures which is best for the spine cure. It is the basic standing posture for all standing yoga postures. It also gives strength to the legs and lower body part. It tones the lower body part and can be used as a fat burner. It is also helpful in gaining height for growing kids. It provides the body with a straight spine posture and enhances the strength of the legs.

Mountain Pose Steps

Mountain Pose Steps

  • First, stand straight on the mattress. Feel relax and don’t put extra pressure on legs. Maintain a little distance between two feet.
  • Keep your hands in the straight position in the direction of the floor. Keep them in a relaxed position. Let them free float.
  • Do inhaling and exhaling practise while looking straight in the nostrils direction. You can do a variation at this step of looking at the direction of the roof.
  • Breathe in and out for 3-4 minute and then come backwards in the original position.

Mountain Pose Variations

There are several variations for Mountain pose than others, which are discussed hereafter the 3rd step and before the 4th one.

Mountain Pose Variations

  • While doing inhaling and exhaling practices, raise your arms in the upward direction while maintaining the proper balance to your spine.
  • Stretch your legs to the upper direction and stand on your toes. Continue your breath in the inhale/exhale process. If you feel strain in your legs or toes, then try to lift your body after a short gap of rest.
  • Look upward while keeping your hands in the straight direction of the roof.
  • Remain in this position for the 3-4 min. Then slowly move your legs to the roof and lower down your hands to your hips side.

You can use some tips for mountain posture if you think there is some difficulty in performing variation or an original one.

If you are a newbie for this posture, the alignment of body structure becomes a headache. Get yourself a yoga block or any wooden block. Its size will be much like to get between your thighs. Now press this block between your knees or legs and try to balance the block. This practice will correct your body alignment perfectly.

You can stand against a wall if you are lacking the stamina to correctly stand for a long duration. However only use your back against the wall or wall-like structure.

Once you have mastered the mountain posture, try to perform this under the closed eyes condition. Performing it will increase your sense of standing and stamina power.

Benefits of Mountain Pose

  • This posture improves body posture by correcting the spine, legs and lower body part. With regular practice of this posture, one can get rid of flat feet and also legs ailments.
  • Because this posture makes you stand up on your toes, it grows up your balance stamina automatically. It also makes your legs, toes and feet stronger and more stress bearing.
  • This posture can help you grow some inches in height during your teenage times. Therefore if you are a teenager or you have any children who are growing up, you can suggest them this yoga for their height growth.
  • It makes your digestive; nervous system regularizes and makes them improved for regular stress full life.

Mountain Pose Cautions

If you are facing any problems relating legs or you have chronic injuries in your legs, then we strongly recommend that you must consult your yoga teacher before performing this posture. It also needs to take caution if you are facing High blood Pressure or Pain in the head.