A yoga strap is a popularly used yoga accessory or prop which is used while doing a lot of yoga exercises or practices and helps in achieving some of the difficult postures in Yoga. Yoga straps are particularly useful for beginners whose bodies are not that flexible and need support for performing full poses. But many people are not aware of the exact way to use a yoga strap.

How to use a yoga strap
credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pilates-hamstring-stretch.jpg

Proper way to use a yoga strap

A yoga strap is basically a tightly woven strap which has a buckle at the end which is adjustable in nature. The straps are made using cotton and generally have a smooth texture which is helpful in preventing friction injury to our body parts. So to use a yoga strap properly, you must adjust the strap accordingly to you requirement and change its length accordingly. A yoga strap can also be formed into a loop or other shapes for certain particular poses.

Benefits of using yoga strap

The following are some of the benefits of yoga straps:

  • The main use of a yoga strap is to wrap around the feet in the case when you can’t touch your feet in the position of standing with forward bend.
  • In the position of seated forward bends, the yoga strap can be looped around the feet.
  • You can also use a yoga strap in the loop form by inserting the arms into the loop so as to hold them in their position for a plow pose or the bridge pose.
  • You can also hold the yoga strap in both your hands for some of the shoulder stretches.
  • Without a yoga strap, it may be difficult to achieve some of the poses. Infact if you do some postures without a yoga posture, then there is a risk of a torn ligament or muscle.
  • Yoga strap is useful for beginners to achieve some of the advanced postures without getting themselves hurt.
  • Yoga strap is an essential prop for experienced yoga practitioners who are into deeper and high level yoga postures and practices.
  • Yoga strap is used to achieve proper alignment and also to prevent injury.
  • In general, a yoga strap helps one to lengthen the legs or the arms to bring you near the approximation of a full pose.
  • For those who have hamstrings, straps prove very handy.