Downward Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Shvanasana is the yoga posture of intermediate level in which the body is moved in an upward side V shape position.

Downward dog yoga pose gets its name from Man's best friend bending position. In fact, its Sanskrit original name means Half facing Dog posture. It is an essential part of the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations. Downward dog not only stretches the spine but also hamstrings hands and legs. It warmth the whole body, which produce energy in the body. The downward-facing of the downward dog posture makes the blood flow toward the head and brain, which soothe the nervous system and enhance the memory of the user.

Downward Dog Pose Step By Step Instructions

Downward Dog Pose Step By Step

  • First, lie down on the floor mattress on your stomach and relax for some time. Place your hands in a straight direction.

  • You will now take the body into the table posture by standing like an animal. Move your hands toward the stomach and after reaching the chest try to push upward, meanwhile, move your legs also toward the stomach and then push upward parallel to arms.

  • Now Push your lower body portion (Buttocks) in upward position while hands remain to attach to the ground. Let your palms touched to the ground and knees will go in the opposite direction. In the end, your lower body will look a /\-Shape while your palms are still touching the ground.

  • Adjust your feet during 3rd step, as it may soar if you continue to stay in this pose for 3-4 min. Try to let your heels touch the ground because it will only increase the stretching and produce strain on there. If you feel that your knees are stressed, then correct your posture and make your knees goes right under your hips.

  • Stay for at least 3-4 minutes and after that slowly came to the table posture, after remaining it in for 1 minute, lie on your stomach and relax for 2 min.

Ways to Make Downward-Facing Dog More Comfortable

There are two main points which may face difficulty in your body, one is shoulders and another is feet. Therefore try to adjust the time by time, also look that you in the correct way or position.

For the beginner, they can feel sprain in the legs when doing this posture, they can bend one leg’s knee while maintaining the straightness of another leg knee and then change side with another leg. After some time of practice, you will find it easy to perform the straightness in both legs.

If you are in pregnancy the last stage or have a back injury recently, then please consult your physician before performing this posture.

Amazing Benefits of Downward Dog Position

  • Regular practice of downward dog reduces the back pain. As it stretches the spine, therefore practitioner got the nervous system benefit from downward dog.

  • Downward dog strengthens hand, legs, spine, shoulder and other body parts. But for beginners, we advise that don’t try to push your limit, if it is painful for your body.

  • Downward dog posture regulates the blood circulation which improves the heart condition hence reducing chances of a heart-related problem and blood pressure.

  • It rejuvenates the body and fills it with energy due to its stretching of the spine and back portion of the body.

  • It helps in toning of the palms and feet. It not only makes the muscle of lap grow stronger but the opposite side of lap or Hamstring also strengthens when it is practised for a long time.

  • Downward dog helps the practitioner in gaining a better digestive system by pressing the digestive organs like kidney, liver and intestines.

Precautions for Downward Dog Pose

  • Downward dog focus on spine, thighs, stomach areas, therefore women with late-term pregnancy or those who have chronic back or shoulder injuries must avoid it.
  • Those who have high blood pressure or any infection related to Ear or nose must also try not to practice it.