Yoga is a physical activity which has benefits for people of all ages and all walks of life. Yoga poses, Asanas and exercises are meant to improve and increase the flexibility and gain muscle strength. When one first starts doing yoga, then it may seem daunting.

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But as time progresses and your body becomes more stretchable, you may ease into this practice. It is always advisable to start Yoga with easy poses and then go onto the advanced ones. There may be a stark difference between the beginner yoga poses and the advanced ones and some of them are given below.

Beginner Yoga Exercises

  • When you embark upon the Yoga regimen, you must always begin with the easy poses and exercises. Beginner poses are less daunting and demanding for the body and do not strain the body as much.
  • At the beginning, the body is not that flexible and hence only easy poses can be achieved. If one tries to do the difficult or advanced ones, then the body may not respond too well to it.
  • At the beginning, you must study the pose carefully and then roll into it easily. Even rolling out of the pose slowly is very important.
  • At the beginning, you must enjoy the poses rather than trying to achieve all the benefits at once. Stay true to your practice and level and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the hang of it in the initial days.
  • Some good beginner poses include cat pose, child pose, extended dog side pose, side seated angle, tiger and bound ankle pose etc.

Advanced Yoga Exercises

  • The advanced yoga exercises are more physically demanding than the easy or beginner ones.
  • These poses require more flexibility and discipline than the easier ones and also need more balance and coordination.
  • Advanced poses must only be tried once you are fully comfortable with the beginner level poses and if you experience any pain, then you must stop.
  • Advanced yoga poses are very intense and appealing to those who are already very fit and athletic.
  • It is important to remember that one must not push oneself into the advanced poses as this may strain the body and may even cause injury.
  • Some examples of advanced yoga exercises are Warrior I pose, camel pose, headstand pose, crane pose, side plank pose, lord of the dance pose, peacock pose, firefly pose and kind pigeon pose.