Now whenever I search on internet about yoga, they were all written by those who hadn’t a clue what get the core of the yoga roots. Yoga is slang to Hatha yoga, a practice to meditate by forced body postures. Many Scholars give Gorakhnath, one of the 9 Great Ascetics the credit to originate the hatha yoga, but many believe that hatha yoga was older than great ascetics.

However, Yoga is more than just moving the body in various awkward like positions; it is an art to mould your mind through first shaping your body. Yoga cleanses the body from all aspects and gives it strength, freshness and flexibility. Our Aim is to spread yoga knowledge to every corner of the world so that whole humanity got benefit from this noble art form. We have tried our best to express the toughest yoga postures in the simplest form of language so that it will not be difficult to do these yoga postures by just reading from our site. mentioned at every yoga postures about their difficulties, their benefits and necessary cautions to take before doing some yoga postures for the best of our viewers.

About myself:

I was a man with a job profile, and my half of the day spent in the office and half of the day in rest, which eventually lead me with a belly looks like a 6-month pregnant lady. I had a choice of going to a gym or jogging hard, but to remain healthy and fit, I had chosen yoga. There are many reasons why I had chosen yoga. Sometimes I got so lazy that waking morning and going to gymnasium doesn’t fit my lazy routine, while other time, I can’t afford a training instructor for my belly. Only yoga exercises are so handy that I can easily learn without any aid and also so convenient that I can do it on my bed. I had tried and my belly had gone a little better than before.

In the end, I thank you for visiting our site and welcome you to contact us or email us for your suggestions and feedback. Your words are very precious and also very helpful for us to make our website better and user-friendly.

“When the breadth is unstable, so does the mind, but when breadth is controlled, then mind is also calm, and the yogi (practitioner of yoga) gains a long life. Hence one should learn to control his breadth.” 
                                                                                                       -Hatha Yoga Pradipika.