While you start Yoga in your daily routine, you can opt for the free hand poses; but even then you would need some kits that would be helpful when you go advanced with the next stage of Yogic poses. Some items like Yoga mattress, Yoga DVDs, drinking bottle, sweat towel, yoga attire etc. should be bought with care and keeping some points in mind.

Yoga Essentials Beginners Yoga Kit
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Buy the quality piece always as it will be a one-time investment that should run long and assist you during your everyday Yoga classes. Bright and merry colors give you the spirit to move on, so while buying these kits stay away from mundane hues.

This below given information will help you in finding the best yoga kit for yourself and what you actually need to look into while purchasing your personalized kit.

Yoga Mattress

Probably the most important thing that you will need in your kit, the quality of your yoga mattress actually has a lot of say in determining how you perform. So while purchasing one, you need to keep several aspects in your mind like thickness of the mat, the material it is made of, its texture and of course the price.

But firstly, irrespective of the price you need a mat which is thick enough. You can’t have something that gets your knees bruised every time you do a crescent lounge or bang your head every time you get ready to lie flat.

Choose good PVC made mat that is flexible and spongy. However if you want to prevent skidding and need a little friction, you are best to avoid PVC made mats. Go for the traditional rubber made ones that has a suction capability.

Water Bottle

It is another must in your yoga kit. You can’t have your throat running dry while you are exercising. The best type of bottle for exercises and yoga would be the Sigg water bottle. They are extremely sturdy and trust worthy.

They also act as a double edged thermos, so incase if you need to take a chilled juice and keep it cool or coffee and keep it a little warm, then this is the bottle for you.


Opt for the super absorbent, non slip and quick dry. They are especially beneficial to wipe of that sweat from your face as well as keep the top few layers of your cheek cells intact.

Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs are extremely useful if you are practicing them in the comfort of your home; buy the ones that are popular and instructed by proper trainers.

Many celebrity Yoga DVDs are also available these days; but check if the celebrity has enough knowledge to devote or else you might end up harming yourself.

Yoga Attire

Buy something for yourself that is of comfortable fabric like cotton etc. Do not go for fancy ones with strings or too many fastenings; just make sure the set is well fitted and has elasticity. Vibrant colors would be a good choice to lift up your mood.